Four Tips for Maintaining a New Car

You finally got it. Your new Ford sits beautifully in your driveway. Now what?

Brand new cars are fresh, clean, and run smoothly. If you start early, you can keep them that way over time. Here are a few ways to maintain a new car:

1. Wash It

Knock off the dirt and grime regularly. This can protect paint from early damage and keep your car looking fresh. For extra shine and protection, consider using car wax.

2. Get Regular Oil Changes

It's one of the simplest maintenance tasks you can get, and it has a large impact on your engine's performance. Stay on track with oil changes early to keep your engine healthy in the long term.

3. Install Weather-Resistant Floor Mats

Floor mats like these protect the softer materials on your floorboard during harsher weather. Plus, they're easy to clean off when the time comes. Just spray them down with a hose and wipe them dry. You can buy weather resistant floor mats through our parts and accessories department.

4. Keep it Out of the Elements

If you can, keep your new car in a garage when it's not in use. If a garage is unavailable, invest in a car cover. This can protect your car's paint, rubber bits, and other parts from damaging sun, rain, ice, and more.

If you need help with any of these steps, visit us in Jamestown. We'll put our expertise to work helping you keep your new Ford in tip-top shape.


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