Exhaust Fumes Mean Washing Your Car Once A Week

How heavy is the traffic for your commute to work and what types of vehicles do you see?

If you have a lot of trucks on your route and you can see the diesel fumes coming out of the exhaust stack of a truck, this particle pollution is there for you to plainly see. You also know it has to land somewhere, and with a little bit of moisture that somewhere is going to be all over your car.

Older cars that are not well maintained burning oil leaving that trail of blue smoke behind them? Same thing as the truck exhaust; you can see it so you know it is there and you know where it will end up.

You don't need to know all of the exact chemicals in those exhaust fumes other than the fact that one of those chemicals in all that exhaust is sulfur dioxide, which turns into an acid with just a very small amount of water.

In this scenario it is recommended you wash your car once a week, ideally on a Saturday morning, to remove all that corrosive and particle residue that your car has to move through on every commute to work.
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