Simple Signs Your Car Battery is Beginning to Fail

When you're able to identify the early signs of car battery failure, you lessen the likelihood that you'll be stuck in a car with a dead battery.

These are just some of the ways to identify your battery is failing:

  • Take a look under the hood and see if the car battery has a strange smell or if the casing around the battery has become swollen.
  • Look at the headlights after you start the car and take notice if they're dimmer than they should be.
  • Pay attention in the morning to how slow the engine cranks over when you try to start the car.
  • The car horn starts to sound weak if the battery is failing.
  • Looking at the dashboard, the check-engine light stays lit all the time now.

What should you do if you actually catch one of these signs? Get in touch with the service center at Ed Shults Ford in Jamestown, NY. Our expert staff can help you diagnose and repair your problem.

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