Ford Reveals a Mid-Size Raptor is in the Works

For a long time, the Ford F-150 Raptor stood as the pinnacle of off-road racing ability. It is precisely engineered for high-speed desert runs, with shocks that take on the type of abuse that would have other trucks crawling carefully over the landscape—and goes faster, instead.

When Ford recently announced it would be bringing the mid-size Ford Ranger pickup back to the United States in 2019, we knew the truck would be targeted toward off-roading and adventurous outdoor lifestyles. Smaller trucks, which lack raw towing capability, usually are.

We didn't know they would be giving us another Raptor.

Ford Australia broke the news, posting a video of the 2018 Ranger Raptor in action in the outback.

Just like the details of the Ranger's North American launch, however, everything we can tell you about the Ranger Raptor is pure speculation. Even in the officially-released video, the Ranger Raptor is still cloaked in camouflage.

If it is anything like F-150 Raptor, it will have a wider track, potent racing shocks, a new suspension, and an aggressively-styled grille.

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