Leasing Gives You Many Options

Leases are highly popular among United States citizens, as not everybody can afford a new or slightly-used vehicle, but still want the pleasure of driving around in a new vehicle, something that leasing can bring to the proverbial tables of lessees.

Whenever a lease term ends – leases are equivalent to apartment rental agreements, in the vein that they always end, at some point in the future – lessees are offered several paths to take regarding the vehicle they’re about to return, including other vehicles at the lot of the dealership in question.

When it comes time for your current lease to end, Ed Shults Ford-Lincoln will likely offer you the ability to lease the vehicle again, except cheaper. As leases require you to pay the depreciation on a vehicle – which becomes less every year – if there’s not an actual discount, it’s not a good deal. The same goes for buying a car – no discount, no deal.
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