New Ford Taurus Has Several Useful Technology Features

The team at Ed Shults Ford-Lincoln like to help educate automobile buyers by offering information on the features of the most popular cars. Today we discuss the numerous technology systems throughout this year's new Ford Taurus full-size sedan.

To keep you protected when you drive the Ford Taurus in reverse out of your driveway or parking space, the vehicle is equipped with the Cross-Traffic Alert system. Simply shift into reverse and this system uses sensors with radar technology that scan the road in either direction for another vehicle and will alert you to slow or stop.

When you are driving the Ford Taurus and a threat of a collision is imminent, the Pre-Collision Assist system will identify the trouble and begin to notify the driver to take corrective action. If the driver's unable to slow down the vehicle in time, then the brakes are automatically pre-charged to bring your vehicle to a halt.



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