Safety And Convenience in the Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has long been known to be a reliable and safe SUV. The Escape has plenty of room to accommodate your family and friends, and there is plenty of storage area in the vehicle for trips and running errands. The Ford Escape models available at Ed Shults Ford-Lincoln have many great technology features.

The Ford Escape is designed with several technology features that provide both safety and convenience when you drive in our town and beyond. The Escape is equipped with rain-sensing front windshield wipers. When raindrops are detected on the windshield, the wipers will automatically engage to improve visibility while you are driving.

The Escape is also equipped with automatic high and low beams. When you are driving at night, the headlights will automatically switch down to low from high if another vehicle is approaching. The high beams will automatically switch back on when it safe for them to do so.



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