The Ford F-150 has a tough steel frame that simplifies towing jobs. Because the steel is fabricated in a strategic way, the F-150 can effectively climb to high speeds in different environments with any hassle.

When the high-strength steel frame is fabricated, tactical steps are taken to make it rigid and strong. However, everything is layered precisely to reduce the overall weight of the steel. When compared to other frames for pickup trucks, the F-150's high-strength steel boxed base is much lighter. The engineers at Ford can make the F-150 up to 60 pounds lighter because this type of steel is rolled and formed to reduce its weight.

Ed Shults Ford has new and used F-150 trucks that consumers can test drive. If you take a cruise in an F-150, you can experience how its high-strength steel enhances speed and handling. Come on out and test drive a new F-150 today!



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